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Student Groups

For questions relating to these Student Interest Groups, please contact Tania Yavorska at [email protected] 
---Academic Groups---
Academic Medicine Interest Group (AMIG) Louis Huynh ([email protected]), Stephanie Dobson ([email protected]) Danny Jomaa ([email protected]), Jennifer Payendeh ([email protected]), Brian Laight ([email protected], acting as a liaison for the MD-PhD program)  To educate medical students about the roles that physicians have in medical research and academia, discuss ways to succeed in research, provide networking opportunities for students to meet potential clinician scientist mentors, and help students further develop the skills necessary to critically appraise scientific papers.
Anesthesiology Interest Group (AIG) Rex Park ([email protected]), Mohammed Mohiuddin ([email protected]), Louis Huynh ([email protected]) Tyeren Deacon ([email protected]), Daniyal Mahmood ([email protected]) To educate medical students about the field of anesthesiology, and expose them to practicing anesthesiologists and residents.
Diagnostic Imaging Interest Group (DIIG) Shakira Brathwaite ([email protected]), Craig Stewart ([email protected]) Laura Mantella ([email protected]), Maia Idzikowski ([email protected]) To provide students with an opportunity to explore the field of medical imaging and showcase its usage in a variety of medical specialties
Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG) Marnie Jakab ([email protected]) Justin Dirk ([email protected]), Alex Morra ([email protected]) Shyan Van Heer ([email protected]), Lewis Forward ([email protected]) To provide a forum for Qmed students who are interested in emergency medicine to learn about EM through the engagement of Queen’s EM faculty and other like-minded students.
Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) Sophie Rossini ([email protected]), Lauren Wierenga ([email protected]) Rohini Pasricha ([email protected]) - Junior Co-chair
Daniyal Mahmood ([email protected]) - Junior Resident Liaison
Dalton Budhram ([email protected]) - Junior Technical Skills Coordinator
Tiffany Chih ([email protected]) - Junior Speakers Coordinator
Iku Nwosu ([email protected])- Junior Promotions 
To provide medical students exposure to the field of family medicine. 
Innovation in Medicine (IiM) Ali Dergham ([email protected]),
Samantha Sarabia ([email protected]), Tatyana Yavorska ([email protected])
Zoe Hu ([email protected]), Kimberly Yuen ([email protected]), Alec Hughes ([email protected]) To engage students in new aspects of the health care system including technologies, innovative research techniques, or new policy approaches being discussed. We also help prepare students for entreprenurial ventures with a business fundamentals skillset by co-hostng a mini-MBA series with the Graduate Management Consulting Association's Queen's University Chapter.
Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG) Dhruv Krishnan ([email protected]),Wasimuddin Syed ([email protected]), Angela Brijmohan ([email protected]), Rex Park
([email protected])
Ioana Dobre ([email protected]) Queen’s Internal Medicine Interest Group seeks to foster understanding of internal medicine (IM) as a specialty and all subspecialities therein. In addition to promoting the field, we also hope to serve as a conduit to build camaraderie and network between IM faculty and interested students.
Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group Leah Allen ([email protected]), Daniel Rusiecki ([email protected]) Vanessa Ha ([email protected]), Daniel Goldshtein ([email protected]) To provide medical students information regarding lifestyle interventions (exercise, diet, stressreduction, etc.) and tools to help them integrate these interventions into their practice as future physicians, no matter what specialty or demographic they serve.
Oncology Interest Group (OIG) Gleb Mironov ([email protected]), Joshua Reed ([email protected]) Matt Gynn ([email protected]), Markus Kuksis ([email protected]) To allow students additional avenues of exploring oncology, the oncological subspecialties, and oncology-related research.
Ophthalmology Interest Group (Optho) Michelle Lutsch ([email protected]), Ali Dergham ([email protected]) Recruiting in spring.  Educate students about Ophthalmology and promote interest in the specialty.
Pediatric Interst Group (PIG) Alisha Kapur ([email protected]) Vincent So ([email protected]), Vanessa Giuliano ([email protected])

The Paediatric Elective Lecture Series promotes a variety of topics to within the paediatric field to enhance Queen’s medical students’ curricular and extracurricular experience. It is a forum to promote the field of paediatrics, expose students to interesting paediatric topics, and meet the paediatrics faculty at Queen’s. 
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Interest Group (PM&RIG) Naveen Sivaranjan ([email protected]),Trevor Robinson ([email protected]),Syed Ibrahim ([email protected]) Elisa Christinck ([email protected]), Hamza Wajid ([email protected]) The purpose of PM&RIG is to provide preclerkship students with increased exposure to the specialties of physical medicine and rehabilitation and sports medicine while also giving students in those years a chance to learn some extra clinical skills.
Queen's Geriatrics Interest Group (QGIG) Bryan Franco ([email protected]), Courtney
Leach ([email protected])
Tiffany Chih ([email protected]), Ruchit Patel ([email protected]) To provide opportunities for students to learn more about geriatrics.
Queen's Psychiatry Interest Group (QPIG) Jordana Waserman ([email protected]), Alex Morra ([email protected]) Alessandro Ricci ([email protected]), Andrew Lee ([email protected]), Elisa Christinck ([email protected]) To explore thoughts, ideas and careers in the field of psychiatry.
Queen's Student Interest Group in Neurology (QSIGN) Duong Chu ([email protected]), Meredith
Poole ([email protected]), Daniel Rusiecki ([email protected])
Carter McInnis ([email protected]), Mary Zhu ([email protected]), Alec Hughes ([email protected]) An interest group for Queen's medical students interested in Neurology, Neurosurgery, Neuroradiology, Neuropathology, and/or any other neurologically-related topic.
Queen's Surgery Interest Group (QSIG) Avrilynn Ding ([email protected]), Shakira Brathwaite ([email protected]), Ali Dergham ([email protected]) Valera Castanov ([email protected]), Sabreena Lawal ([email protected]) To provide Queen’s medical students with exposure to surgical specialties, career opportunities involving surgery and workshops through which they can practice surgical skills.
What Happened in Medicine (WHIM) Historical Society Andrew Belyea ([email protected]), Kelly
Salman ([email protected])
Adam Gabara ([email protected]), Samiyah Khan ([email protected]) To support any and all history of medicine activity and research at Qmed
Wilderness Medicine Interest Group (WMIG) Andrew Belyea ([email protected]), Palma
Gubert ([email protected]), Will Wu ([email protected])
Paul Bullock ([email protected]), Jeremy Seed ([email protected]), Mel Novakovic ([email protected]) To encourage learning around medicine specific to wilderness pursuits.
Women's Health Interest Group (WHIG) Palma Gubert ([email protected]), Amber Murphy ([email protected]), Madison Price ([email protected])) Emily Richmond ([email protected]), Cara Van Der Merwe ([email protected]), Anna Tyker ([email protected]) To provide Queen's medical students with exposure to topics relating to women's health, including reproduction, abortion, mental health, sexual abuse and many more. Additionally the club will provide opportunities to practice women's health related procedural and technical skills.
To complement and expand on UGME curriculum regarding women’s health!
---Service Learning Groups---
Altitude Healthcare Mentoring Stephanie Dobson ([email protected]), Lauren Wierenga ([email protected]) New site coordinators will be hired at the end of the year. Main objectives: 1. Help medical students develop the skills to become effective mentors. 2. Nurture first year undergraduate students in their transition to university and help them explore careers in healthcare. 3. Provide Mentors with support and help to develop skills important to healthcare professionals
Jr. Medics Noah Liberman ( [email protected]),
Lauren Wierenga ([email protected])
Jennifer Payandeh ([email protected]) To deliver high-quality, basic first aid training to elementary school students in the Kingston area.
---Advocacy Groups---
Environmental Advocacy in Medicine (EnvMed) Sarah Wong ([email protected]), Sam Sarabia ([email protected]), Bethany Ricker ([email protected]), Sasha Letourneau ([email protected]) Marika Moskalyk ([email protected])
Julia Robson ([email protected])
To educate medical students on the role of sustainability in medicine and and how the environment impacts our health so that they can better advocate for the health of their patients. According to the CMA, “health care professionals and organizations need to consider the long-term environmental costs of providing health care and to reduce the material and energy consumption of the health care industry.” This interest group would allow medical students to learn how they can best achieve this goal.
FrancoMed  Jordana Waserman ([email protected]), Sasha Létourneau ([email protected]), Michelle Lutsch ([email protected]) Elisa Christinck ([email protected]) Francomed aims to identify and mobilize Francophone and Francophile medical students, as well as prepare and equip them for clinical activities in the underserved French minority communities in Canada.
Health Policy Interest Group (HPIG) Caberry Yu ([email protected]), Susan Thanabalasingam ([email protected]) Mary Zhu ([email protected]) Increase awareness and promote dialogue regarding current issues in health policy
Women in Medicine (WIM) Rae Woodhouse ([email protected]), Claire Mourra ([email protected]), Sophie Rossini ([email protected])) Rubab Fatima ([email protected]), Shikha Patel ([email protected]),
Iku Nwosu ([email protected])
Women in Medicine is focused on providing students mentorship opportunities with female physicians, and providing information on issues unique to women in medicine.
---Leisure / Other---
Hippochromatic Notes (HN) Dhruv Krishnan ([email protected]), Lauren Wierenga ([email protected]) Rachel Trites ([email protected]) An a cappella group for Queen's medical students.
Medicine and Literature (MedLit) Palika Kohli ([email protected]), Alisha Kapur ([email protected]) Andrew Lee ([email protected]), Ayla Raabis ([email protected]),
Sara Sarbar ([email protected])
To provide medical students and residents with opportunities to explore a variety of perspectives on aspects of clinical practice, professionalism, medical ethics, and experiences of illness.
QMed Dragonboat Team Sam Sarabia ([email protected]), Charlotte Coleman ([email protected]), Adam Birosh ([email protected]) N/A To enrich the quality of student life through a teamwork and leadership building sport. 
Christian Medical Student Fellowship (CMDS) Leah Allen ([email protected]), Josh
Gnanasegaram ([email protected])
Rachel Trites ([email protected]), Elisa Christinck ([email protected]) CMDS at Queen's is dedicated to providing medical students, residents, and physicians with the opportunity to explore faith and medicine and how they intersect.
Muslim Medical Association of Queen’s (MMAQ) Shaimaa Helal ([email protected]), Rubab Fatima ([email protected]) N/A Muslim Medical Association of Queen’s (MMAQ) aims to provide opportunities for students, residents and physicians to explore the Islamic faith in the context of health and the field of medicine. The MMAQ also aims to provide a supportive platform for Muslim students at every stage of their medical career.