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Student Groups

For questions relating to these Student Interest Groups, please contact Divyanshi Jalan at [email protected]

Group Name Group Description

Anesthesiology Interest Group (AIG)

Kate Liu ([email protected]), Adam Mitha ([email protected]), Sean Xia ([email protected])

To educate medical students about the field of anesthesiology, and expose them to practicing anesthesiologists and residents.

Altitude Healthcare Mentoring

Heather Nichol ([email protected]), Divyanshi Jalan ([email protected])

This program pairs first year undergraduate students interested in healthcare with Queen's medical students and provides them with mentorship throughout the year with things like study skills, transitioning into university and career planning. Main objectives are to help mentors develop skills to become effective mentors and to nurture first year undergraduate students in their transition to university and help them explore careers in healthcare. 

Academic Medicine Interest Group (AMIG)

Kunal Jain ([email protected]), Dylan Johnson ([email protected])

To educate medical students about the roles that physicians have in medical research and academia, discuss ways to succeed in research, provide networking opportunities for students to meet potential clinician scientist mentors, and help students further develop the skills necessary to critically appraise scientific papers.

Christian Healthcare Fellowship

Wei Sim ([email protected])

CMDS at Queen's is dedicated to providing medical students, residents, and physicians with the opportunity to explore faith and medicine and how they intersect.

Diagnostic Imaging Interest Group (DIIG)

Gregory Paulin ([email protected]), Zoe Lau ([email protected])

To provide students with an opportunity to explore the field of medical imaging and showcase its usage in a variety of medical specialties


Edward Sykes ([email protected]), Edbert Khong ([email protected])

To enrich the quality of student life through a teamwork and leadership building sport. 

Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG)

Adam Zoccoli ([email protected]), Sabrina Slade ([email protected]), Haris Vaid ([email protected])

To provide a forum for QMed students who are interested in emergency medicine to learn about EM through the engagement of Queen’s EM faculty and other like-minded students.
Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG)

Andrew Kwan ([email protected]), Sejal Doshi ([email protected]), Elisabeth Merner ([email protected]), Nicole Relke ([email protected]), Maggie Jiang ([email protected]), Divyanshi Jalan ([email protected])

To provide medical students exposure to the field of family medicine. 


Claire Tardif ([email protected]), Alex Cormier ([email protected])

Francomed aims to identify and mobilize Francophone and Francophile medical students, as well as prepare and equip them for clinical activities in the underserved French minority communities in Canada.

Global Health Interest Group (GHIG)

Helene Morakis ([email protected])

To educate students about the practice of global health.
Hippochromatic Notes

Diana Cuckovic ([email protected]), Stella Tung ([email protected])

An a cappella group for Queen's medical students.

Health Policy Interest Group (HPIG)

Celine Allen ([email protected]), Jacob McCoy ([email protected])

Increase awareness and promote dialogue regarding current issues in health policy.

Indigenous Health Interest Group (IHIG)

Alex Cormier ([email protected]), Sabrina Slade ([email protected])

IHIG aims to promote discussion and increase awareness of indigenous health issues in Canada and internationally.

Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG)

Ilia Ostrovski ([email protected]), Sherwin Wong ([email protected]), Zachary Hickey ([email protected]), Oliver Neal ([email protected])

To foster understanding of internal medicine (IM) as a specialty and all subspecialities therein. In addition to promoting the field, we also hope to serve as a conduit to build camaraderie and network between IM faculty and interested students.

Innovation in Medicine

Akshay Rajaram ([email protected]), Gray Moonen ([email protected]), Natasha Goumeniouk ([email protected])

The Innovation in Medicine (iIM) interest group seeks to increase students’ awareness of and appreciation for the breadth of innovation occurring, stimulate thinking about the ways in which clinical practice may change in the future, and to expose students to novel career opportunities bridging medicine and other disciplines.

Jr. Medics

Jacob McCoy ([email protected]), Matthew Connell ([email protected])
To deliver high-quality, basic first aid training to elementary school students in the Kingston area.

Medical Students for Choice (Queen’s University Chapter) 

Katie Rabickie ([email protected])

The Queen's University Chapter of Medical Students for Choice (MSFC) is dedicated to ensuring that all women receive the full range of reproductive health care choices. We recognize that one of the greatest obstacles to safe and legal abortion is the absence of trained providers. As medical students, we work to make reproductive health care, including abortion, a part of standard medical education and residency training.

Medicine and Literature

Kate Rath-Wilson ([email protected]), Andrew McNaughton ([email protected])
To provide medical students and residents with opportunities to explore a variety of perspectives on aspects of clinical practice, professionalism, medical ethics, and experiences of illness.


Jon Pipitone ([email protected])

We meet regularly to practice and discuss meditation and mindfulness. Find us on facebook here:

Oncology Interest Group

June Duong ([email protected]), Katie O'Connell ([email protected])
The Oncology Interest Group provides an opportunity for undergraduate medical students to learn about the exciting and dynamic field of oncology. This group offers valuable insight into one of the fastest growing fields in medicine. Considering the diverse subspecialties that include radiation oncology, medical oncology, surgical oncology, paediatric oncology, and vast opportunities for cutting-edge research, this group caters to students with varied interests.

Ophthalmology Interest Group

Steven Bae ([email protected]), Thomas Lu ([email protected])

Educate students about Ophthalmology and promote interest in the specialty.

Pediatric Elective Lecture Series (PELS)

Shikha Kuthiala ([email protected]), Jacob McCoy ([email protected])
The Paediatric Elective Lecture Series promotes a variety of topics to within the paediatric field to enhance Queen’s medical students’ curricular and extracurricular experience. It is a forum to promote the field of paediatrics, expose students to interesting paediatric topics, and meet the paediatrics faculty at Queen’s. 

Queen’s Dermatology Interest Group (QDIG)

Christina Huang ([email protected]), David Wei ([email protected])
The purpose of this group is to expose students to opportunities within dermatology and to allow them to expand their knowledge of cutaneous medicine and surgery. 

Queen’s GeriatricsInterest Group (QGIG)

Shikha Kuthiala ([email protected]), Stephanie Hinton ([email protected])
To provide opportunities for students to learn more about geriatrics.

Queen’s Psychiatry Interest Group (QPIG)

Sean Haffey ([email protected]), Rohit Ghate ([email protected])
To explore thoughts, ideas and careers in the field of psychiatry.

Queen’s Surgery Interest Group (QSIG)

Alex Cormier ([email protected]), Anisha Sarkaria ([email protected]), Malak Elbatarney ([email protected])
To provide Queen’s medical students with exposure to surgical specialties, career opportunities involving surgery and workshops through which they can practice surgical skills.

Queen’s Students Interested in Neurology (QSIGN)

Badr Idsaid ([email protected]), Heather Nichol ([email protected]), Jennifer Lymer ([email protected])
To provide students with the opportunity to learn more about neurology. 

Reads for Paeds

Molly Dushnicky ([email protected])

Reads for Paeds is a student-led initiative that seeks to develop engaging, illustrative and age-appropriate books for children with paediatric conditions. Started in 2014 by members of the Queen’s Medicine Class of 2017, we have several completed books and are working to expand this collection. Each book has been thoroughly researched, written, illustrated and edited by medical students with the invaluable guidance of healthcare professionals to ensure their accuracy and relevance. Visit for more information!

Women’s Health Interest Group (WHIG)

Katherine Rabicki ([email protected]), Andrew McNaughton ([email protected]), Sallya Aleboyeh ([email protected])
WHIG encourages Queen’s medical students to explore women’s health through an extracurricular framework.  Using an engaging series of lunchtime talks and hands-on workshops, we discuss topics including mental health, reproduction and sexual health, unique barriers to accessing care, and many more.

Women in Medicine (WIM)

Christina Huang ([email protected]), Rebecca Lys ([email protected]), Katherine Rabicki ([email protected])
Women in Medicine is focused on providing students mentorship opportunities with female physicians, and providing information on issues unique to women in medicine.

Wilderness Medicine Interest Group (WMIG)

Helene Morakis ([email protected]), Kira Gangbar ([email protected]), Sarah Plante ([email protected])

To encourage learning around medicine specific to wilderness pursuits.